Planning your return

Return to practice - Planning your return

In order to make your return to practice and your period of updating as easy and useful as possible, you need to plan and structure it.

The first step is to spend time looking at your experiences to date and thinking about what you want to be doing in the future. Next, consider what skills and knowledge you currently have and what you might need to update. If you can identify your learning needs, you can develop a learning plan.

You will need to record your learning. The records that you create will become your continuing professional development (CPD) portfolio. Should you be asked by the HCPC, your records will be the evidence of your study and of meeting their CPD requirements for registration.

You may have very clear plans where you want to take your professional career, or you may not be sure at this stage what you want to be doing in a year's time. There are such a variety of settings and roles where occupational therapy skills can be used that it is worth looking at a number of options.

Consider the experiences you have had, both in work life and in your home life. What skills have you developed? What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? Equally - what do you not enjoy doing?
Our Career Narrative Tool can help you to think through these questions and give you some ideas about your future work. Test this by having a look at the NHS Jobs website or the Community Care jobs search and downloading some relevant job descriptions to see if they appeal to you.

In addition, you can talk to practitioners who are currently working in your field of interest. See if you can visit a service. Plus have a look at articles in OTNews - what catches your interest?