RCOT SS - Rheumatology Conference 2017

This long awaited one day conference will update participants in latest advances in Rheumatology Occupational Therapy Research and Practice. In addition it will celebrate the past achievements of the Specialist Section, hold our AGM and discuss the exciting opportunities we all hope to create in being a Clinical Forum.

Past events

  • National Conference, York
    Saturday 24th January 2015
    COTSS Rheumatology Conference Programme

This conference aimed to provide OTs working in Rheumatology and MSK with a chance to network and receive information about current trends in practice. Topics featured this year were Vocational Rehabilitation, Ankylosing Spondylitis, EDAQ Assessment and Osteoarthritis. It involved both lecture formats and interactive workshops.

  • COTSS Rheumatology Conference 2012

This Rheumatology conference became fully booked quickly. Topics included a talk from the ongoing SARAH Trial, feedback from our Pain Report and looking at the practicalities of turning research into everyday practice. We also had some time to look at our Clinical guidelines for Rheumatology and how we could revise them to bring them up to date with current practice.

Please contact for any further information.

  • A past conference was held in November 2010 with great success, with over 50 OT's attending. Presentations included Sandi Derham from the Royal Hospital for Rheumatic Disease, Bath on self- management programmes in Fibromyalgia, Dr Lynne Goodacre on RA and body image and Dr Alison Hammond and Rachel Gill shared with us their work on a new Functional Assessment the UK-EDAQ.

Study Days

Please keep an eye on our pages for up to date information about these or contact your local group.