Photocopying and Document Supply

Articles requested must be for non-commercial purpose, private study or research

Photocopies of articles from the RCOT Library and Information Service (RCOT LIS) journal collection are available to RCOT members and non-members and photocopies of articles not held in the collection are available to RCOT members through the document supply service.

Members are encouraged to check the A-Z Journal Holdings List to find out if the journal is available electronically or if print issues are held in the library.

Articles requested must be for non-commercial purpose, private study or research. If your request will be used in relation to a commercial product, please email Due to copyright restrictions, only one article can be photocopied from any one issue.

Articles held in the journal collection

The RCOT library and Information Service can supply up to six photocopied articles per order to UK and overseas members and to UK non-members. We also provide a fast track service for UK and overseas members. Fast track requests will be dispatched the same day by fax providing the request and payment are received by 4pm. Requests received after 4pm will be sent the next working day.

Articles not held in the journal collection (Document supply service)

The RCOT library and Information Service can request journal articles for UK and overseas members through the British Library up to a maximum of six photocopied articles per order. Our service standard is to request articles from the British Library within three working days of receipt.

Your local public library may also be able to obtain photocopies of articles through the British Library. They may charge for this service. 

Please see relevant form for payment methods.

Self-service copying facilities at RCOT LIS

All visitors are welcome to use the self-service photocopier.
The cost is 10p per A4 sheet and 20p for A3.
The Library does not provide change for the photocopier so please bring enough for your needs!
The photocopier accepts 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p and £1 coins.

Articles for overseas members from the British Library

Overseas members may be able to obtain articles from the British Library.