New Graduates

All graduates are now eligible to apply to register with the HCPC and when registered are then able to practice using the protected title 'occupational therapist'

Congratulations to all recently graduated pre-registration students.

Download a list of all graduates who have completed a BSc (Hons) or pre-registration PgDip/MSc Occupational Therapy accredited programme in the academic year 2016-17.

As a new graduate, whether looking for a job or just starting out in your first position, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to begin. Being a member of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists will help to set you on your way with the myriad of useful information and resources which you’ll find invaluable as a newly qualified occupational therapist. This information highlights just some of the resources available which you will find helpful in your job search and first year of practice.

Important information regarding your membership

As a new graduate occupational therapist, you are now eligible for professional membership with the College and if you are currently a member you will be automatically upgraded on 1st October. If you attended a university that pays for your membership, you will need to make new arrangements to upgrade to professional membership.

Learn more about our different membership categories.


    Resources to support your practice

    Accessing the RCOT Library

    The library houses an abundance of resources that can support you in your practice, including; access to books and e-books, access to e-journals and online databases. 

    Occupational Therapy Evidence Factsheets

    The RCOT evidence factsheets are a brilliant resource, especially if you are just starting out in a new practice area and you want to explore the evidence base. 

    RCOT Publications

    Keep up to date with the latest publications that influence your practice. Access NICE accredited guidelines, practice guidelines and standards on the RCOT site.

    Learning Zone   

    The Learning Zone contains resources to support your professional development. This includes access to CPF short courses, toolkit’s for self-directed learning and useful hints and tips for navigating the website to support your CPD.

    Opportunities to expand your professional network

    Specialist sections

    Currently, there are 11 specialist sections that are available to members. The purpose of the specialist sections are to enhance your connections and knowledge within specialist areas of occupational therapy practice. It would be useful to join a specialist section that relates to your first post, as an extra support mechanism. 


    When you register for your RCOT membership, you are also automatically assigned a region, based on the post code that you provide in your registration. There are 13 regions across the UK, providing you with a platform to network with other occupational therapists in your geographical area, in addition to events and conferences local to you. 

    RCOT Annual Conference

    Attending the annual conference provides an exciting opportunity to connect to other occupational therapists from across the United Kingdom and from overseas. It is a key date in the occupational therapy calendar, with world renowned speakers and an exciting and diverse conference programme.  

    Professional Reassurance

    Know that you are protected in your practice with UNISON membership, £6 million professional indemnity cover and access to our professional practice enquiry service.

    Graduate Bulletin

    Look out for the graduate bulletin which is delivered quarterly to your email inbox. The bulletin will keep you up to date with the latest resources for new graduates, including hints and tips to start your career off on the right track.