Care Act 2014: Guidance for occupational therapists - Prevention 2016

This is one of a series of guides to the Care Act 2014 that has been developed by the College of Occupational Therapists

Funded by the Department of Health and endorsed by ADASS, these guides will improve occupational therapists’ understanding of how to deliver the key concepts and duties within the Act.

Care Act 2014: Guidance for occupational therapists - prevention

The Guides also provide commissioners and other senior decision makers in health and social care with a valuable insight into how the occupational therapy profession will help to meet the obligations of the Act.

They focus on four distinct areas of the Act which involve the expertise of the occupational therapy profession:

  • Wellbeing (June 2016)
  • Prevention (June 2016)
  • Disabled Facilities Grants (August 2016)
  • Transitions; custodial settings; employment, training and education (August 2016)