Return to practice - HCPC requirements

By law, you have to be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) in order to use the title and be employed as an occupational therapist.

The HCPC requires you to have adequate skills and knowledge to practice safely and effectively. In order to return to the HCPC register, they require you to carry out a period of updating your skills and knowledge. The length of this period will depend on how long you have been out of practice.

0-2 years - no requirement
2-5 years - 30 days of updating 
5 years and over - 60 days of updating

Download the HCPC ‘Returning to practice’ booklet to find out the exact requirements.  

This period of updating is a minimum requirement. You may need longer if you feel, or you are advised, that you cannot yet practise safely and effectively in a certain area or role. The updating period has to be completed within the twelve months prior to your application to return to the HCPC Register.

Your period of updating needs to be a combination of:

Private study
Formal study
Supervised practice

You can choose how you split your time. The only specification that the HCPC makes is that private study cannot make up more than half of your total time.