Tax relief and insurance for RCOT members

Information on tax relief and professional indemnity, professional liability and product liability insurance for RCOT members. You can apply for tax relief on up to 75% of your RCOT subscription on your highest marginal rate of tax.

Insurance benefits include malpractice and professional liability and public and products liability insurance up to a limit of £6 million per member.

This covers you for claims first made or filed in the European Union, the Channel Islands and Australia. The malpractice and professional liability insurance protects the occupational therapist against a claim for damages brought by a service user if the practitioner has committed a negligent act, error or omission in the course of their occupational therapy work.
As part of your RCOT membership you are covered by liability insurance that covers a variety of risks in respect of occupational therapy work. It is cover for the individual member, whether “employed” or “self-employed”, but not for their employer. The policy does not provide cover for any type of entity whether that is a company or a partnership. If cover is required for any type of entity a separate policy will need to be arranged in the name of that entity. RCOT has contacts who are able to assist in this matter.
The policy is provided on a "claims occurring" policy. i.e. providing the person was a member of BAOT when the claim occurred, they will be covered by the policy. The policy includes “run off” cover for those members who were previously insured under the BAOT insurance - including retired and/or non-practising members - when it was on a “claims made” basis. NB. Members should remember that if they end their subscription their insurance cover will cease automatically. It is essential to notify the insurers via Aon UK Ltd of any potential claim or circumstances that might give rise to a claim as soon as you are aware of them. If you have any doubt as to whether or not an incident should be reported, you can ring the Aon helpline and discuss the matter with an insurance expert.
The RCOT policy has been renewed for the membership year 2017/18. As previously, the underwriters require some special conditions and exclusions to the policy, which you should be aware of. These support good practice in the areas of preventing cross infection, record keeping, structural survey work and software management.

Malpractice & Professional Liability and Public & Products’ Liability Insurance for RCOT Members’ (October 2017)

If you have any enquiries regarding the insurance then please call the Aon helpline on 0116 280 7363.

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