South West Region

Being a member of an RCOT regional committee helps you keep in touch with what is going on nationally and locally in occupational therapy.

By being an active member of the South West RCOT regional committee you are helping to give occupational therapy a strong professional identity. Active members provide a crucial link between local members and the national organisation and ensure that RCOT is truly representative and responsive to its members' needs.

Support your regional committee and contribute to making RCOT a stronger, more representative organisation.

Committee members:

  • Chair: Jackie Perryman
  • Secretary: vacant
  • Careers Promotional Lead: vacant
  • Treasurer: Julie Smart
  • UK RCOT Regional Forum Lead: Jonathan Williams
  • Regional Communications Lead: vacant
  • Membership Network Lead: vacant

Committee email:

The South West region is looking for RCOT members to join the committee, for more information please contact



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South West newsletter


The South West region produces an e-Newsletter which is circulated by email to all members with the region.

Latest issue

March 2017

Previous issues

December 2016

RCOT E-Bulletins

The South West region produces a regular E-Bulletin which is circulated in-between e-Newsletters by email to all members within the region.

Latest issue

February 2017: Occupational Therapy moving forward

Get Involved

Meeting dates:

Tuesday 5th September 2017
Obs and Gynae Meeting Room
Ground floor, Princess Alexandra Wing

Wednesday 17th January 2018
Venue TBC​

Cornwall Occupational Therapy conference: 'Occupation for Life'
Thursday 11th October 2018
Venue TBC

For further details or to get involved contact Grace Shilling: or Harriet Heaton-Pike:


Contacting UNISON

RCOT members can access UNISON services via local staff stewards. If you do not have a UNISON staff steward then contact your UNISON Branch Secretary by telephoning 0800 0857 857.

Lifelong Learning Grants

Looking for alternative funding option for CPD? Consider applying for a Lifelong Learning Grant (LLG). The grants are not used to fund pre-registration training (i.e. Degrees, MSc. courses), but provide financial support to enable members of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) to participate in short courses, workshops, conferences or other activities related to their continuous professional development and the promotion of the profession.

Funding can be used to contribute to or cover the fees for the course/activity/event but does not cover the cost of travel and subsistence. Individuals will be able to claim up to a maximum of £200 and successful applicants will be required to submit a report/article (minimum 500 words) within one month of the end of the event, giving feedback on the activity and how it benefited their practice. 

Lifelong Learning Grant Application form

Please send applications and enquiries to