Health and Work Champions - promoting the health and treatment benefits of employment

Making the case for the link between work, health and wellbeing

Healthcare professionals can give people the skills, belief and confidence to remain in or return to work with benefits for their treatment and longer term health outcomes.

Health and Work Champions will support their peers to develop the knowledge and skills for this role.

What is this project about?

In a unique partnership between RCOT and Public Health England, 28 occupational therapists and others in England have become Health and Work Champions who are delivering training in their NHS organisations to enable colleagues to ask “the work question” and provide advice when delivering care to working age adults. This pilot project will run for six months from November 2016 until June 2017.

Employment is a good indicator of health, social status and treatment outcomes yet is still not routinely asked about by healthcare professionals in consultations.

Health and Work Champions are delivering local training in NHS organisations to colleagues to help them understand the link between work and health, that employment is a useful measure of functional health and steps they can take to help people back into employment.

This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate leadership in the area of employment. Occupational therapists and others have a pivotal understanding of the links between work, health and wellbeing and can help other staff members do the same by helping them to ask the work question.

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