Career development framework

Career Development Framework: Guiding Principles for Occupational Therapy 2017

The newly published Career Development Framework: Guiding Principles for Occupational Therapy is an over-arching set of guiding principles for occupational therapy and offers a structured process to guide careers, learning and development within our profession.

It contains four interacting Pillars of Practice each with nine Career Levels:

  • Professional Practice
  • Facilitation of Learning
  • Leadership
  • Evidence, Research and Development

It can support you to identify the things you have already learnt and areas for continuing professional development.

The framework can be used at different levels; on an individual level, you can map current level of experience and plan future learning and on a service level, you can identify strengths in the team and future needs when recruiting.

The framework will evolve through a process of continuous evaluation and updates to remain contemporary for the profession. Its future relevance and success will require ongoing co-creation with those who use it. We welcome feedback on the Career Framework and will be seeking members’ views in the next few months. You can also Tweet @TheRCOT with #RCOTCareerFramework.

Members can access additional resources in our Learning Zone. Further resources will be developed with member input.

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